No plans needed before death, call after death 24 hours




Direct Cremation $775

This price includes a $45 dollar discount when paid by check.

State of California fees not included: $21.55 for tax, permit, and DCA State fee.

We understand that direct cremation is not for everyone. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our services by reading the details below about Simple Direct Cremation, and what we do and do not offer. Please understand that we are able to pass the savings on to you by offering direct cremation as a limited service. 

The Price above includes:

Within our local service area, transfer of the deceased from an institution facility i.e. Hospital, Nursing Home to our climate-controlled facility, (residence or board & care additional 2nd person charge will apply)

Individual cremation of the deceased up to 300 pounds at our crematory

Alternative cardboard container included, state requires body be placed in this

Professionals to answer your arrangement questions during regular business hours by email or phone

Filing death certificate from a physician or coroner via internet (free copies are not available)

Obtaining the state-required permit for cremation

Free container for cremated remains

Free pick-up of cremated remains by appointment Monday-Friday in our office by the designated person(s) Listed on Authorization for Cremation

Obtaining certified copies of the death certificate from the local County Health Department in which the death occurred (state charges per copy apply). Death certificate order fee waived when ordered on original contract at time of cremation arrangements

Notification of death to the Social Security Administration

Convenient online or (fax arrangements within USA)


Additional Services as Required

Private residence (home) and Board & Care Transfers $75.00

Pacemaker or electrical implanted device removal $75.00


Need Other Services?

See our General Price List

Our Crematory

Call us 24 hours a day to notify us a death has occurred: (760) 324-4700)


Hospice Care

If your loved one is under hospice care, contact hospice first. Ask them their protocol. Typically, hospice will come to the home first, before we bring your loved one into our care.


Hospitals, Nursing Homes, or other Institutional Facilities

When a death occurs within a licensed facility please contact the facility, inform them American Cremation at (760) 324-4700 is in charge of cremation arrangements.


Medical Examiners or Coroners

Some deaths require the Medical Examiner or Coroners to take the deceased into their facility. This website has release forms for the county having jurisdiction, a county Medical Examiner fee will also apply.

American Cremation, Location Managers and our licensed crematory are inspected by the State of California DCA. Our mission is to provide the lowest cost, maximum care direct cremation limited service. We own our own crematory, so your loved one does not leave our care during the process.


At American Cremation, we:

  • Are backed by more than 30 years of experience in the cremation industry

  • Southern California's newest, state of the art crematory

  • 24 Hour security to protect your loved ones

  • Are not a society or member-based organization--you do not need to pay extra to obtain our low prices

  • Exceed industry standards for the identification of the deceased and the tracking of the deceased throughout the process

  • Only cremate one person at a time

  • Only cremate human remains in our crematory

  • Only use certified crematory operators

Call us 24 hours a day to notify us a death has occurred: (760) 324-4700)

When a death occurs:
No Cost Cremation for Donors

After you have reviewed all information on our website

Arrange a Cremation: 3 Easy Steps

No cost cremation may be available with anatomical donation. Families can receive the cremated remains, after completion of the process. One free death certificate will also be included for this option. Help advance medical research and education through this thoughtful option.



After we receive your forms we will send you Form F "Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected" you may pay via one of these credit cards:

Visa, MasterCard

Our office will contact you during regular business hours.


Receive cremated remains as per your request on Cremation Authorization forms.


Alternative Cardboard Container $12.00

(Used for Cremation)
Cremated with body, state required, and is included in our price for cremation

Alternative Cardboard Container.jpg

Cardboard Bio Urn

Width: 8" Height: 4" Depth: 8"
Remains are returned in this temporary cardboard urn inside a plastic bag with cremation number identification disk, identification label and State Required Application and Permit for Disposition of Human Remains.


Black Plastic Urn $25.00

Width: 6 5/8" Height: 8 1/2" Depth: 4 5/8"

Black Plastic Urn3.JPG

Sheet Bronze Urn $165.00

This urn cannot be opened.
Width: 6" Height: 8.75" Depth: 3"


Important Information


Obtaining of the electronic death certificate is based on you supplying us with a physician who will sign it. If you cannot supply us with a physician, the deceased will have to go to the Medical Examiner. In this situation, there will be an additional charge for the transportation of the deceased to and from the Medical Examiner.

If the place of death is not within our local service area, and/or home or board care transfer there will be additional charges from our facility for transferring the deceased.

Please note that if the place of final disposition (as listed on the Vital Statistics Worksheet) changes, an additional fee will apply to re-file the permit for disposition.





Death Certificates

Why do I need a Certified Copy?

A certified copy of a death certificate is required when your loved one has any of the following: Living Trusts, Insurance policies , Investments (including Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Certificates of Deposit), Banks, Deeds, Tax purposes, Pensions/Benefits.


Where do I obtain a Certified Copy?

There are two ways to obtain a certified copy of a death certificate. Certified copies are $21.00 each. Death Certificate prices are subject to change without notice.

Once American Cremation has Notified you that the certificate has been electronically filed, You may walk in to this location:

Office of Vital Records

4065 County Circle Drive RM 102,

Riverside, CA 92503

(951) 358-5068

Or print an order form (with instructions) from the website:

Request for Death Certificate by mail


Social Security

How does it help families?

Social Security survivors benefits help ease the financial burden that follows a worker's death. Almost all children under age 18 will get monthly benefits if a working parent dies. Other family members may be eligible for benefits too.


Who is Eligible for benefits?

Under special circumstances, children, widows, widowers, divorced wives or husbands, and/or parents may be eligible for monthly benefits. Please refer to the phone number provided below.


A special one-time payment

The one-time lump-sum death payment of $225 is payable to:

A surviving spouse if he or she was living with the deceased; or, if living apart, was receiving certain Social Security benefits on the deceased person's record; or

If there is no surviving spouse, a child who is eligible for benefits on the deceased person's record in the month of death.

To file for the benefit, call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY-1800-325-0778) they answer specific questions from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. They provide information by automated phone service 24 hours a day. You may also check their website at  for frequently asked questions.


Veteran's Benefits

Are you eligible?

If you wish to file a claim for any benefits that may be available for the veteran we have listed below the address and telephone number of the Veteran's Administration office. You may also check their website at for information.

Regional Veteran's Affairs Burial Specialist

8810 Rio San Diego Dr.

San Diego, CA 92108


You will need: The Veteran's separation papers or discharge (DD-214) VA form 21-530

Statement of charges for funeral service

Copy of Death Certificate

The Process

All Funeral Establishments must adhere to the same process. Timelines can vary greatly.

Here is an example:

This process can be very frustrating for the family. A death certificate is a legal document. The state will NOT accept a Death Certificate until it conforms with, International Classification of Diseases (ICD) Clinical Cataloging System.


Step 1: We must ascertain which physician may complete the medical section of the death certificate. Nothing can be done until family has provided physicians information for decedent.

Step 2: Once we confirm information is correct, we fax over causes of death worksheet for doctor to fill out.

Step 3: Once causes of death are accepted by the Health & Human Services Agency (HHSA) then we notify the Electronic Death Registration System to send the attestation for the doctor to sign electronically.


Things that can often delay process:


If physician's office has poor cooperation and/or poor communication this can cause a delay.


If physicians are unavailable or only scheduled certain days.


When additional info is needed on the causes of death such as time interval between onset & death, or what a cause of death was due to the physicians or medical records office will not usually respond quickly. Often we contact the physician's office to remind them of this urgency.


Any referral to the medical examiner's office can cause a delay. The Medical Examiner may have questions and might need to speak with the physician directly.


The medical examiner's office may invoke jurisdiction and receive the deceased. Should that happen, the Medical Examiner will provide an acceptable death certificate. A Medical Examiner will charge the family a fee for transportation.


If the physician has not seen decedent recently prior to passing then they can refuse to sign the death certificate, in which case the family must provide another physician or we must refer the deceased to the medical examiner's office.


Sometimes physicians' think they are done with the process after the worksheet is filled out. The physician must electronically attest that the information provided is correct. Legal attestation can be completed by voice or facsimile directly with the state of California (HHSA) Health & Human Services Agency (signing of the death certificate) which is the last step they must do.


When a physician does not sign the death certificates correctly that requires it to be re-signed. Examples; physician signs outside of the box or applies the date in the wrong format, This electronic process needs to begin again with the state; they intern forward the document to the physician. This can delay the process depending on how fast the physician re-signs,


Some specialist physicians will not sign death certificates. Emergency Room doctors will NEVER sign death certificates.


When decedent has no known next of kin it may take days to obtain physicians information and will be referred to a public administrator.


Hospices and Medical Examiner provide excellent customer service.